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    Positive Singles - Meet 1,542,200 active positive singles on the best and largest STD group!


Let's check general herpes statistics in USA.

    • In America nationwide, 1 out of 5 of the total adolescent and adult population is infected with genital herpes.
    • For girls / women with herpes, Herpes infections are more common in women (approximately 1 out of 4 women) than in men (almost 1 out of 5 men).
    • Male-to-female transmission is potentially more effective in the transmission of genital herpes than female-to-male.
    • 1 in 5 Americans have genital herpes (yet at least 80% of those with herpes are unaware they have it).
    • About 80% of American adults have oral herpes (cold sores).
    • An estimated 25% of American adults have genital herpes.
    • Approximately two-thirds of people who acquire STDs in the United States are younger than 25.
    • About 1 in 5 people in the United States over the age of 12 (approximately 45 million individuals) are infected with HSV-2, the virus that causes genital herpes

That's just in the United States, how about other parts of the world? You can imagine the appalling statistics.

Women with herpes is an embarrassing thing, but we are not alone. Let's check the top 5 dating sites for girls / women with herpes, and find more herpes support, meet more STD friends.


#1 Positive Singles is undoubtedly the best dating site for people with herpes, It was started in 2001 and has more than1,600,000 members as of now. It offers a safe and easy means of accessing other members with Herpes / HSV or HPV or any other STD, for friendship, companionship, love or support. - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous girls / women with Herpes dating site!

#2 HMates is one of top online dating sites catering to singles living with STDs.  Started in 2004,provides users with a safe and friendly environment for STD daters to find friendship, fun and more.

#3 H-Date - As a specialist site for those who are living with HSV and HPV, the site offers a range of features that are specifically tailored to meet these users needs. The site does, however, accept users with any one of a range of illnesses, including HIV, Hep B/C.

#4 POZ Personals is online around 10 years gives chances to people with herpes,HIV and AIDS. It belongs to the POZ Magazine which is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

#5 STD Friends is an online dating community devoted to helping singles with STD’s find love and happiness with others online. It began 2001 in Australia, with a long history at dating area, We discovered it significant amounts of fun up to now using STD Buddies and discovered it to be a real social network, something that isn’t actually true of much bigger websites.

For girls / women with herpes, when you begin a herpes dating relationship, you may encounter some unavoidable problems like the herpes transmission, safety sex with herpes or other questions with your partner, herpes treatment will be the important thins in your daily life.


There is no cure for herpes. On the other hand, herpes can be treated and managed with medication, home care, and simple precautions to prevent outbreaks and transmission.

There are 4 ways of herpes treatment from WIKIHOW, which are widely recognized by women with herpes.

1. Doctor Recommended Treatments

  • Have a doctor diagnose herpes.
  • If you get diagnosed with herpes, talk to your doctor about medical-strength treatment options. 
  • Know what proper treatment will you do for you. 
  • Take antiviral drugs, as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Know your treatment options when it comes to taking antiviral drugs. 

2. Complementary Treatments

  • Soak the affected area in warm water, but when not soaking, keep area dry.
  • Wear loose, breathable underwear and clothing.
  • If your ulcers are very painful, ask a physician about a topical anesthetic to apply to affected areas. 
  • Try an ointment containing propolis.
  • Try the herb Prunella vulgaris and the mushroom Rozites caperata. 

3. Alternative, Unverified Home Remedies

  • Try echinacea.
  • Use baking soda to dry herpes sores.
  • Use lysine or L-lysine to prevent outbreaks.
  • Use a cool teabag to help manage flare-ups. 
  • Use aloe vera cream to treat lesions. 
  • Try Monolaurin.
  • See a herbalist. 

4. Preventive Techniques

  • Understand that outbreaks frequently occur during times of stress, illness, physical trauma (including sexual activity), and fatigue. 
  • Participate in stress relief activities.
  • Always use a latex condom during oral, genital, or anal sex.
  • Get enough rest. 
  • Avoid activities that put you at high risk of illness or infection. 

Useful medication for treating herpes outbreaks we recommend you : Herpeset

women with herpes

Herpeset review covers:

  • what herpeset is
  • what it’s made of
  • how it works
  • whether it works, and
  • Pros of Herpeset
  • Cons of Herpeset
  • how to use herpeset
  • herpeset dosage
  • Herpeset side effects
  • Discounts

Herpeset is an oral spray that’s used to treat HSV-2 genital herpes outbreaks or HSV-1 oral herpes cold sores. It is designed to relieve effects such as burning, swelling, aches, and inflammation. Those with cold sores or genital herpes understand the pain and discomfort of these conditions. This is where Herpeset can be of immense help.

Herpeset is essentially a homeopathic blend of nine natural forming ingredients, which homeopaths have used separately to treat specific symptoms of herpes. However, the combination used in Herpeset makes it more helpful and helps to relieve a wide variety of herpes symptoms.

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